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SNOM 320 VoIP Phone
Posted by HostPBX US on 29 August 2013 02:50 PM

Configuration Details

This article makes reference to the basic configuration for the SNOM 320 phone using a FreePBX account.

The initial configuration is very simple, you will need to plug the SNOM 320 phone to the internet source (modem, router), this will assign the phone with a IP address.

You can find the SNOM's IP Address by using the menu display on the phone.

Type the IP Address of the SNOM in your preferred Web Browser .

The default login details are: Username: admin, Password: admin.

The SNOM configuration page should appear.


From the menu screen click on Setup -> Identity/Line 1.

Make sure to use your own credentials such as:

Username/SIP UserID (your extension number assigned by FreePBX)
Password (your SIP Extension Password assigned by FreePBX).
Preferred Server (Your server ip address and port assigned by HostPBX.US)


Using the "Retrieve" Voice mail Key

In the 'Function Keys' page on the web-interface of your phone, select 'Speed Dial' as the type, in the 'Retrieve' row, 'Number' field, right next to the 'Type' field, enter *97

Also make sure your accounts/sub accounts does have the MWI active (Mailbox assigned)

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